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Light blue streaks in auburn hair?

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So, I’ve been wanting to get colored streaks in my hair for a few months now and I just recently saw a fashion spread in Teen Vogue where all the models had colored streaks in their hair. One model had dark brown hair with pastel blue streaks, and it looked way cool. I would love to get this color streak put into my hair but I was wondering if it would look good. My hair is an auburn color so that means to get a pastel color streak I would have to bleach/strip tthe place where I wanted a streak first.
I was wondering if anyone has experience with bleaching their hair before adding colored streaks and would like to give me advice? Also, would light blue look good with my hair color or should I go with something else, if so what color?

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  1. no one does that anymore. it’s lame.

    • if someone wants to do something with their hair and are asking for advice you don’t need to tell them it’s lame. it’s actually very in-style now.

      and i’m thinking of getting a blue streak too! 😉 i don’t have any experience with it but i think it would look great!

  2. dont do it.
    it will look dumb && ugly.

  3. Hey I saw that issue too and I thought it looked great.
    However, I think the models might be using color hair clip extensions, you might want to try that first instead.

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