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Light auburn hair dye opinions &suggestions?

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I’m very much into hair. I’ve done styling for girls around prom season, dye my own and friends etc. I like to change up my color every once in a while my natural color is a light brown reddish but recently I have been attached to the auburn color, absolutely love it. I’ve used several different shades and brands. I’m planning on doing my hair today and was just wondering what are your opinions on best brand and shade/color of the auburn?
Thanks in advance

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  1. I am also very much into the auburn shades but my natural color is a more boring brown. I really like the Feria brand because it gives such good highlights/low-lights and the one thing which makes hair color look more natural is to have it be more polychromatic. You describe your own natural color as a light brown reddish… I bet that is very pretty on its own! 🙂 I had just been to my favorite aisle at Walgreen’s– the hair color aisle*-*!!– and this time could not locate a good strawberry blonde or light auburn brown in Feria so i picked up Revlon ColorSilk in Strawberry Blonde and can’t wait to use it. Anyway my advice is to pick a color you like in a brand which will give a nice reddish hue to your hair or try adding your own highlights sometime. It’s so much fun!!! Off to become a strawberry blonde now! Good luck! beccamerri138@yahoo.com if you want to talk further :-o)

    Oh, I also picked up this Purple “Punky Haircolour” on a whim one day and I sooo want to use it but it describes itself as a semi permanent hair color that will last 5-40 shampoos especially on chemically treated hair (like my blonde highlights). Do I dare use this? I’m am just so tempted! But I’m 42 and a bit of a soccer-mom and not sure if my quiet town can take it. What do you think? Do I dare go purple soon??

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