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Light Auburn Hair Color

Light Auburn Hair Color – Beautiful Color for All Seasons

The fall is coming up and that is the time when many brunettes dye their tresses a light auburn. Not just normal people, but celebrities do it as well. It seems that both men and women like to change their hair color when the seasons change. If you are interested in changing your looks and are tired of looking a bit bland, then coloring your hair is a great idea. You could always dye your tresses a dark color, but a light auburn hair color is the best bet for many.

light auburn hair color

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Did you know that auburn is frequently misused as being a synonym for red? Auburn first came out during the year 1430. If you are thinking about dying those long locks, then continue reading this article as we are going to give you some tips…

The chemicals that cause the auburn color is brown eumalanin (high levels) and pheomelanin. This is fairly common in the Europe area, but rare elsewhere.

We have noticed that light auburn is similar to the beautiful strawberry blonde. The medium auburn is a bit darker than that of ginger red hair.

Before you dye your mane, you need to make sure the color suits you. Obviously, if you are naturally blonde, then making your hair too dark of a color may be a bit drastic, but if you are up to it, then go for it.

As a general rule, you will need to keep up with the color by treating it when the dye begins to fade. There are certain shampoos you can use that will go light on your hair and not wash the color out too soon. There are also shampoos that will help maintain your color and make it shinier.

To get your locks colored, you could go to a professional, have a friend do it or do it yourself. There are many dying kits in the stores, but you can also get them online at a discount price. A light auburn color with blond highlights will do wonders to your style. When you first treat your hair, you will definitely get compliments this fall as the light auburn hair color is definitely in. This will also give you a reason to go out and get a new wardrobe as the clothes that go with blonde hair or black hair may not go so well with light auburn. On an ending note, if you decide to do your hair yourself and you get it on your skin, just wipe it off gently. You may also want to put a little dab of Vaseline around the border of your face so the dye doesn’t get on your face.

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  1. I was blonde and I went straight to a dark chocolate brown! I wouldnt really advise anyone to do this as it was a BIG shock. You should do it gradually from my experience. I would love to go auburn but am afraid to do such a drastic change again, but it is very fashionable at the moment.
    .-= Julia @ Electricians Lambeth´s last blog ..Electrical services from Electricians in Lambeth =-.

  2. Okay, so I currently have a dull brown with a few gold highlights. I’ve had blonde highlights before and i loved them, but I’ve also had a dark brown and I really liked that too. I’m wanting to go to an Auburnish/brown, or highlights. I’m not sure which. Any ideas, please help! thanks!

  3. I say Chandler you try medium brown hair color highlighted with golden color or brunette hair color highlighted with red or red-orange.

  4. my natural color of my hair is dark brown . i have bleach it and with Blond want to go auburn or strawberry Blond am scared it will turn orange. how can i do it myself what to do first. thank you.

  5. First i think you should search on the web or online forum. but to have the best result, it would be best if you let the professionals do it for you.

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