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Is this auburn?! [hair color]?


Just wonderin’ if you’d call this auburn.

Annnndd, your opinion on if it’d look good on me or not. Thanks!
I believe that’s my original hair color in the picture, if that helps or anything.

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  1. rdjlb51300@sbcglobal.net

    more a dark brown
    with red high lights

  2. ♥missing my ipod touch♥

    no thats more of a chocolate brown♥

    it would look okay on u

  3. Trust and Believe

    I would say more like chestnut.

  4. Yes & it would be GREAT! ;D

  5. Yes, it looks like auburn color, I have auburn hair. You would look nice with it, but by the look of your natural hair color it will be a shade darker, so it will look natural on you.

    You are very pretty. I hope you will be satisfied with whatever color you decide on.


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