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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. hellobeautiful.

    auburn it should work fine 😀

  2. Be careful–the brown color could turn it gray or orange, because it is not made to dye over bleached hair (dyed blonde hair). If you’re willing to experiment, you could always dye it twice to make it a darker color if the first one doesn’t turn out (I had to do this once–it took two applications of DARK brown to get a light brown).

  3. Might be. I cant tell you for sure becuase i wouldnt know your hair type. You should get it dyed at a professionall salon because if your hair is weak and you dye it again after having it blonde, then it might fall out or get really dammaged. It all depends on how healthy your hair is.

    Also, the salon people know how to get the colors right. I know many people who screwed up and had their hair dyed ugly looking colors.

  4. misshernandez4

    when i was younger i had my hair blonde cause i had frosted it so many times..anyway, i wanted a change cause my friends kept calling me Sunshine so i dyed it auburn with an at home box of dye ( revlon color stay) well after like a week of the dye washing out everytime i showered… my hair was pink…i freaken looked like strawberry short cake

  5. you could become a red head,blonde hair will pull the base color and if you have new growth then you have another problem,you could get hot roots,just save yourself the headache and more money and get it done proffessionaly retouches are cheaper than an all over color and def cheaper than a color correction.

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