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is it Possible to Dye (natural) black hair to brown/Auburn color?

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Hey guys!
I was thinking about dying my hair to dark brown auburn, my natural hair color is very dark brown, almost black.
I tried Dying it brown but it didn’t work out! I did it by myself at home and i put the dye on my hair for 30 minutes but when i washed it, the color was the same thing!!!
and… i can’t go to salon to dye my hair, i want to do it at home. also, i want to use a NON-PERMANENT dye!

so can you help me with that! if you have an experience about this tell me, like…how the results were and stuff!

***I do not bleach my hair***

and here is the picture of the color I want:


thank you!

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  1. I have the same natural color and have only had success going lighter in a salon where they bleached first. I know that doesn’t help but that’s my experience.

  2. If yu r not goin to bleach or if yu do not want permanent hair colour …then I don’t know how it will be possible…
    To colour dark hair in a lighter shade like brown or blond..one has to bleach their hair or else go for highlights
    Hope this helped:))

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