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Is it okay to dye blonde hair auburn?

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I currently have medium blonde hair. I really want to dye my hair a medium auburn color. I was just wondering if it would fade quickly and turn an orangish color or would it not because it has the brown in auburn? If anyone has experience or advice on this please help! I don’t want it to turn out horrible:( Thanks to all that answer:)
I’m debating weather or not to do it later this week. I bought clairol natural instincts in cinnaberry(a medium auburn)!

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  1. Whenever dying your hair a drastically different color, like you are, you should have it done by a professional or use a semipermanent color before you try the permanent color. This way you know that if you get it done by a professional, it definitely won’t change strange colors, and if you use the semipermanent you will also be able to see the change.

    EDIT: That’s the hair dye I use. It makes your hair very soft, and the color doesn’t go weird on me. I use Egyptian Plum, and I just did it last night. That’s a good choice for a first time dye, because if you hate it right after you rinse, you can shampoo a few times and it will get rid of a lot of the dye.

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