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If i dye my hair will its natural color come back out ?

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I have a really rare auburn hair color and i really like it, but i want a change. So i was thinking about dying it a shade of brown. But after i dye it will my natural color come back because i dont want my hair coming out like some different color, because I want to be able to grow out my natural hair color sometime around.

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  1. yes. the roots always come back the natural color 🙂

  2. Well, I’ve never dyed my hair, but I did get highlights once. Once your hair grows out, the color will only stay on the parts that you dyed… so, the new hair that grows will be your natural color, I should imagine. Hope it works out~

  3. yes of course! sooner or later the dye ill fade but it might take a while. also, when the dye is fading it might look a little funny because ur roots with be auburn and below will be brown, thats why people dye their hair whenever they see their roots showing.

  4. I would try a semi-perm color if you’ve never tried it. This color will eventually fade and your natural color will come though. I think something like 10-15 washes.

  5. it will later on.

    just be sure to use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair or else it probably will fade away….

  6. Yes, your natural hair color will come back eventually. It depends on what kind of dye you use. Sometimes hair dye washes out in the shower, but if that does not happen, your regular hair color will grow back with your hair roots.

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