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I want to go back to my natural hair colour!?

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My natural hair colour is auburn and for the last couple of years I’ve been through every colour you can think of (you can imagine what my hair looked like when I bleached it blonde at home…) and at the moment my hair is black and my roots are coming through. I really want to go back to my natural colour. Should I just grit my teeth and shell out at a hairdressers or is there any way I could go back with home hair colour?

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  1. I would have it done professionally, don’t try it at home

  2. you can go to the hair dresses andhave your hair ‘stripped’ or just go and have it dyed as near to your hair colour as you possily can. either way will work good luck.

  3. well you can redye it your natural color and then let it grow back so you cant see the roots and after a while you can cut off the colored part then u cant really tell it aint natural

  4. go to your hair dresser. have them strip the black off. because if you try to dye it. it’s not going to come out light enough. But Don’t try it at home. I tried it. and my hair turend orange!!. Good luck! 🙂

  5. Color it to the closest color you can of your natural color and wait for it to grow out.

  6. Hi I’ve have many years of experience in this department, your
    best beat is to go to the hairdresser they know best but if you cant
    you’ll need to strip all the color out with a hair dye remover make sure you get (the color your going to dye it to) them both together do it all in one shot so you don’t
    have to run out with orange hair don’t freak its in the process to getting to your natural hair color. dye it and let it grow out auburn is
    a great color…..good luck Linda

  7. Yes. This kind of dye job should be done by professionals. It will require lifting of the black color and the applying of the auburn color that matches you natrual color.

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