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I want to dye my hair dark auburn red but i have black hair?

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I also dye my roots every 2 weeks because i have gray hair and i am way too young to have gray hair. Will stripping my hair color work? When i was in high school i used to bleach my hair a lot and it was damaged and had breakage. Since then ive gone black and dye my roots twice amonth. Will it still be possible to strip my hair of its black color without damaging too too much? I have bright pale skin with green eyes. Would a dark auburn red look good?

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  1. I have gotten my hair color stripped at a salon before with what I believe was called toner?…so it conditioned my hair as well as stripped the highlights and color out of my hair without damaging it. I go between my natural dark brown hair color to black to dark auburn as well. I have pale skin and hazel/green eyes and I like both the dark auburn and black on myself. And dark auburn looks awesome in the summer when you’re out in the sun! 🙂

  2. It would be perfect to go from black to a dark red because when you bleach black hair it goes orange and when you apply a red overtop of it it looks so vibrant and natural. You will have to bleach it because you’ll have to strip the colour out, so yes, it’ll probably cause damage. But if you do decide to…bleach it, tone it with toner (I usually use schwarzkopf, shiny penny) and dye it with your choice of colour!

    Buy moroccanoil and apply it on your hair after every shower…it restores even the worst damaged hair.

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