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I want to dye my hair a dark auburn color?

my mom says it won’t look good on my though? Due to me being pretty fair skinned and blue eyes. I was looking for a more brownish auburn. Will this be okay with my eye color and skin tone? Right now my hair is light blonde. Also, if I do dye my hair, what do I do with my light eyebrows?? Just color them in brown with pencil everyday?

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  1. If you’re blonde, don’t go red because it’ll turn orange.
    Keep it blonde! Blondes have more fun! lol

  2. I am fair skinned with blue eyes also. I used a color called Chocolate Peanut Butter by Garnier and it makes my eyes stand out really nicely. Clinique make-up company has really good eyebrow shapers. They come in powder form, somewhat like eyeshadow. There are all different colors, each one comes with a brush. I use the color Shaping Taupe. It matches the color of my hair really nice and it last all day.

    EDIT: I had blonde hair before I dye it this color and it did not turn orange.

  3. you may want to talk to your stylist about the coloring.
    but i’m sure it would great!

    for the eyebrows –
    dye your eyebrows the same color as your hair –
    pencil won’t work all day and it won’t always look the same
    everday so i would dye them

  4. I would think that you have the ideal complexion for an auburn shade with fair skin and blue eyes. However, going from blonde to auburn is a big change. I was strawberry blonde, and I wanted to dye my hair a rich chocolatey color. I suggest that you call around and set up consultations with local hair salons. Discuss with stylists about what you’re hoping to do with your hair, and your concerns with your eyebrows. They know what they’re talking about and they’ll be able to give you a good opinion. That’s exactly what I did, and it really made me comfortable with my decision. Consultations are typically free and it only takes a couple minutes. Best of luck!

  5. omg auburn is the prettiest color of hair, it’s rare but it’s gorgeous!
    but if your not sure what color you want go to the link for a chart of hair colors

  6. this really helped because i have the exact same issue!!! i now also like the chocolate peanut butter color!!!
    Thanks! x

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