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I want to dye my black hair auburn, should i get it professionally done?

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I died my hair black about 2 months ago and now I am sick of it! I wanted to dye my hair an auburn color. I already did but only my roots turned the color I wanted. I am wondering if the professionals can dye my hair so it works. Should I do it or is it a waste of time and money?

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  1. ya u should ask a proffesional hair expert he will dye in a better ways cse hairs have many types it can be dry ,or very dark hair thts why they know tht wht to use in which type of hair.

  2. die’s not work it makes the hairs weaken and starts falling, but if you want to do just ask professional help,

  3. Yes definatly go to a professional they have colors that can last longer and get the color that you want and not just the color you hope you get. You could even go to a beauty college and they could do it..

  4. waste of time and money, whatever your natural color is, go with it.

  5. You should definately go to a professional. If your hair is black you can’t just cover it in auburn dye and expect it to look like the photo on the box. Depending on how light you want it you will probably have to have your hair boosted (bleached) to lighten it up before the actual color is applied.

  6. A profesional will know what to do to get the color you want without you ending up with streaks or uneven color.

  7. If you don’t want to end up in tears….ABSOLUTELY. It is worth the money you will have to spend.

  8. Yeah! Finally someone I can truly help………You’re gonna make some hairdresser very happy that you’re seeking their professional help. To color your hair auburn, the black color will first have to be stripped out. Because the color you have now chosen is approximately a level 4 to 6 color (depending on dark or light auburn) the color remover will only slightly damage your hair (depending on the product used, usually no more damage than when you colour it). I hope that helps, and have fun with the new shade!

  9. yes i would you can never be to safe hope you do have a great day

  10. You should go to a professional, because one of my little sistar’s teachers got her hair dyed unprofessionaly, trying to get it like my mom’s. Her hair ended up a really weird reddish-blondish-blackish color. Why? She used boxed dye. Go get it done professionally.

  11. yes get it professionally done i had someboby die die my hair & it came out orange

  12. You can dye your hair auburn without going to a professional. What you need is a bleaching or peroxide solution (you can buy this at your local Wal-Mart or other drug/grocery store).
    It adds another 20-60 minutes to the time you have to take to dye your hair, because you’re going through the same process to lighten it and make it more accepting to the color.
    After your hair is lightened/stripped of the black dye from your last coloring, you can apply the auburn color just like you’re used to and it will turn out like you’re hoping for. Two things to keep in mind are that the color on the box will possibly be darker than your turn out will be because you have to bleach first and your developing time may be a bit longer than the recommended time. The simple solution for that is to do that strand test the mention in the box instructions to make sure it is the color you want and to find the developing time that is right for you. Total cost adds up to less than $30.00, even if you use salon-quality products, and your total time adds up to about two and a half hours at a snail’s pace, less if you’re actually human.
    If you have exceptionally long or thick hair, you may be inclined to do what everyone else is suggesting and see a professional just to save yourself the backache. If that’s the case, keep in mind that there are lots of cosmetology and vocational schools that will color your hair for you at reduced or free costs. Most times the students who deal with customers are the most qualified in thier classes, and they are under the supervision of highly qualified instructors. This route will save you work and money, and give a student some well deserved practice and confidence as you walk away with beautiful, professional quality auburn hair.
    Good luck, hope it turns out great!

  13. yes because dying ur hair too often damage ur hair and make them fall off. A professional might be more of an expert about coloring

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