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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. If I had a girl like that we were considering Audrey or Aubrey.

    I also love Abigail. I think A’s work really well for auburn hair. It’s not typically used a lot.

    Just not Avery…or renditions of it. That seems to be EVERYWHERE these days. It’sa nice name but very common.(these days).

  2. I knew a little girl a while back who looked like what you are describing….

    McKayla I think or something like that. It was really cute.

  3. Steve!!!!! tondisha is a good one. Really, Jamila, that means beautiful in Arabic.

  4. Hazel


    2 very unique names: sweet, elegant and classy

  5. Aurora, Nicknamed; Rori.

    My favorite Name, and original.

  6. Some of these you might not like;
    Katerina/Katherine (or spelt with a ‘C’)
    Louisa (or Louise)

    Good luck!

  7. Autumn Evangeline.
    Scarlett Evangeline.
    Arabella Evangeline.
    Belle Evangeline.
    Amelie Evangeline.
    Delilah Evangeline.
    Alice Evangeline.
    Ivy Evangeline.
    Anastasia Evangeline.
    Lily Evangeline.
    Natalia Evangeline.
    Sofia Evangeline.
    Eden Evangeline.
    Felicia Evangeline.
    Alicia Evangeline.
    Grace Evangeline.
    Juliet Evangeline.
    Liliana Evangeline.
    Madeleine Evangeline.
    Pearl Evangeline.
    Rose Evangeline.
    Olivia Evangeline.
    Rosalind Evangeline.
    Charlotte Evangeline.
    Emily Evangeline.
    Harriet Evangeline.
    Ophelia Evangeline.
    Lucia Evangeline.
    Estelle Evangeline.
    Stella Evangeline.
    Viola Evangeline.
    Faith Evangeline.
    Audrey Evangeline.
    Vivienne Evangeline.
    Caroline Evangeline.
    Freya Evangeline.
    Isabel Evangeline.
    Juliana Evangeline.
    Annabel Evangeline.


  8. I know a little girl like that 🙂

    Alice Evangaline
    Sidnie Evangaline
    Hannah Evangaline
    Julia Evangaline
    Peighton Evangaline

  9. Noemi Evangeline
    Lorena Evangeline
    Leonora Evangeline
    Georgianna Evangeline

  10. I’m thinking of names that match you’re description, names that would match her looks:
    Scarlett Evangeline maybe? Alice Evangeline, Lily Evangeline, Amelia Evangeline (Love them last 3!) Violet Evangeline, Rosalie Evangeline, Amber Evangeline, Rose Evangeline (Amber or Rose would be adorable!) Evie Evangeline, Ivy Evangeline, Juliana Evangeline, Ruby Evangeline, Juliet Evangeline, Eden Evangeline?

    Hope i’ve helped!

  11. Why doesn’t she have one already? Newborns don’t have green eyes, auburn hair or ivory skin.

    If she’s a fictional character, think about what her parents are likely to have called her.

  12. Jessica Emily Rose

    Isobel 🙂

  13. Lila

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