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I have some questions to anyone who has dyed their hair auburn color?

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I have dirty blonde hair, its pretty much a blonde/brown color. I was wondering if anyone that has this color hair has dyed it an auburn brown color that has a red hint to it? I’m considering dying my hair this color but #1 I’m afraid it wont look right and #2 I’m afraid it will stain my hair and make it that much harder to fix if I dont like it! I already bought the dye, and the only kind they had in this color was permanent, so if I dont like it I’m afraid it will stain the blonde in my hair I will play hell getting it back to normal again! whats your opinions? and please no rude comments! thanks!!

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  1. Blonde hair is naturally more porous than darker hair, so yes, it will grab the color, and hold more steadfast making it harder to get out. It doesn’t matter whether it is permanent color or not, you will definitely have the color that it shows on the box, and if you do not like it, a professional will have to strip the color from your hair.

  2. Dye is dye whether it’s permanent or semi-permanent. The only difference is that the semi will fade a little and your hair will be a different color. After dying, there’s no going back to natural or normal until it’s completely grown out. You can try to get it as close to your natural as possible, but you’ll always be able to tell, and the feel of it wont be the same if it has to be stripped or bleached. So keep that in mind.

    Depending on the dye you got and how good of quality it is, it may turn out great or you may not like it. That’s completely unknown. I really liked Clairol Perfect 10 Dark Auburn. It’s more of a brown with an auburn tint. It’s a beautiful color and I don’t think it would be such an oops if you didn’t like it. Other dye brands that are auburn color can make your hair come out looking more reddish. But that may be what you’re going for? Just really think about your decision because bleach and more dye will soon be in your future if you really can’t stand the color.

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