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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. pantene pro v

  2. well….i sorta had the same situation..

    you can wear a swim cap…which most teams require anyways
    but make sure right after you get out of the water you shampoo and ocndition your hair… shuldnt go more than an hour or two without shampooing it….its best if your schools have showers that u can use but if u cant then just shower when you get home… hope u kick ass on ur team this year byeee

  3. We have a pool at home and I color and highlight my hair. My stylist told me to soak my hair thoroughly with plain tap water before I go into the pool. That way your hair is already wet and won’t want to suck anymore water into it, like the nasty chlorine pool water. Also, rinse you hair well after swimming and put a good conditioner on it.

  4. wear a swim cap with conditioner on.

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