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I have dark reddish auburn hair thats about half way down my back and want to do something new any ideas?

Image by tibchris
My hair is naturally red.
I was thinking about maybe getting a perm.
I was also thinking about getting blonde lowlights.
I also would like a new medium-long length hair cut with some subtle bangs.
However, I dont want to dye my hair.

If anyone has any comments, ideas, or pictures of examples they would recommend. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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  1. U would have to get a perm with this, or follow the instructions:

    Or this: http://www.hairstyle.com/womens-hair-styles/medium-hair-gallery.htm
    second row, second column, or second row, first column, or fifth row, and of the columns.

    I would not get a perm. Try it out first, by curling ur hair the way u would want it. B/C perms r very difficult.

    Have fun!!


    sorry, but that will be something you’ll have to keep up with..

    about everything else.. GO FOR IT!

    just, not a ”shirley temple” perm..

  3. I think you’re hair sounds pretty the way it is and I don’t think blonde lowlights would look good with redish hair. Getting it layered and cut might look good. A pic would help. =)

  4. Try bangs (to eyebrows) or wavy hair. (Sorry I’m not much help).

  5. Medium length hair cut with subtle bangs sounds like a great idea to me

  6. Red hi-lites and lo-lites~ keeping in the same family (warm or cool) are great. Try this picture: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=77479037&albumID=0&imageID=14950503. Sam is a natural redhead. Her hair is wet, but you get the idea. For more info, ask me- it’s my work.

  7. perms are SUPER damaging to hair. i don’t think that’s a very good idea.
    hmmm… how about like Haley Williams (Paramore)?
    but not that color.

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