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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. use a light pink or carmel brown with like a pretty pale lip gloss but not too light just a little lighter that your skin tone…

  2. Try golden colors.
    As in,
    gold, bronze or brown eyeshadows
    black or brown mascara
    deep red blush
    copper lip gloss

  3. Since u have a dark complexion u should use light colors like shine blue pink plum. lipstick can be the lipgloss with clear shine. Or else dont use too much foundation its not soo good. anyways good luck!!

  4. Use a powder foundation if you need that. Bare Minerals is excellent, especially if your skin is oily. Use a dark brown eyeliner for day; indigo or black at night. Beige eye shadow by day; violet for night. Use an apricot blush and black mascara. Use a lash curler, too. It takes only a few seconds and really opens your eyes up.

    On another tack…do you really need to wear makeup? You can dramatize your looks with it, but you might be perfectly beautiful without it. Think about washing your face with a good cleanser, moisturize, and go out. See how the world reacts. No reaction? You look perfectly fine. Don’t bother with makeup. Think how much money and time you’ll save! With your coloring, I don’t think you need makeup. It’s just a thought.

  5. Search out on line for BEE LUSCIOUS COSMETICS I have used these products on my clients even the most hard to please with amazing results.

    For your coloring this would be the entire look:

    Retexturizing Primer
    Liquid Powder Mineral foundation
    safari bronzer in CONGO

    EYES: Mineral Shadows in SANDSTONE and BRONZITE to add more drama use Brazillian nut from the matte shadows

    then line upper lid in liquid eyeliner in INDIGO

    Lower lid in the automatic eye liner in BARK

    Bee LUSHcious Mascara in LUSH BLACK

    Finish off your new look with either the :

    LipTox Sheer in Contessa or
    Liquid Lustre in Seduction or Plush

    WOW !!!! look out everyone you will knock them all out !

  6. foundation
    rosy blush
    brown eyeliner
    brown mascara
    light gold eyeshadow
    and some sheer pink gloss

    hope this helps, youll look beautiful!!!

  7. I say dark brown eyeshadow with black eyeliner on the bottom lid. Also use brown blush that is a little darker than your skin.

  8. you should check out


    for makeup looks and tutorials.

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