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i have auburn hair and my boyfriend has brown, what color will our son have?

i have auburn [brown and red] color hair, and my man has like a darkish brown, we are having our first son in june, what color will his hair mostly be?
oh and i have brownish hazelish eyes, and he has hazel eyes what color eyes would our son most likely have?

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  1. Oooh, that’s not good, I knew someone who had auburn hair and their partner had brown hair and their baby looked like the predator.
    Just kidding, probably brownish, wait and see.
    It’s likely the baby will start off blonde and go darker with time, good luck and enjoy.

  2. surely he will have brown eyes and brown hair. Cause redisshness pass 1 generation(I am redhead so I know)
    So your grandchild are mostly to have auburn hair
    but its not 100% sure
    but surely its gorgeous!=)

  3. theres no sure way to know, but he will most likely have brown hair and brown or hazel eyes. if you and he have siblings or parents with blonde hair and/or blue eyes then it is possible your child will have these as well, if he gets the gene from both sides.

  4. maybe blond

  5. There’s really no telling. It also depends on both your parents hair as well. My mom has very light blonde hair and my dad has jet black; I have red hair. My grandmother had red hair too. Red hair is a strong gene.

  6. Ok actaully it has nothing to do with the parents, you need to find out what color both your parents have and then you need to do a dyhybrid cross with the genes. so you need to take a biolgy course 🙂

  7. brown hair and hazel eyes

  8. Ms. Hellen Back

    It depends on who’s genes are stronger, and unfortunately the only way to find this out economically speaking is by waiting until the baby is born.
    I mean Auburn hair genes are very strong, but dark brown genes are known to be stronger so it’s betting on 50% chances for both…

    I can guarantee something though, your baby will definitely have light eyes. 🙂

    Hope this helps.

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