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I had short blonde hair and tried a permanent auburn color for a new look and i hate it!?

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When i was blonde i used an off the shelve product and never had any problems. Now i would like to gradually like to go blonde again with a highlighting process. At this time i can’t afford to go to a Professional and would like ideas on what product to use.I have been doing my own hair coloring for yrs. and have had no problems until now with this color that is not compatible with my skin tone. HELP!

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  1. I wouldnt reccomend highlighting yourself, and if you try any over the counter products its going to make it worse. Bleaching is the only way to lift color. You may want to consider cap highlighting. That can be done at home with the help of someone else. You can buy a box kit at any pharmacy or grocery store. Place the cap on your head and have someone pluck the hair through the holes. You can pluck as much or little as you want just make sure its even. Just read the directions and mix the developer and put on your head. When it turns to a pale yellow its done! Just get in the shower with the cap on rinsing out all the bleach and then pull the cap off while still in the shower and shampoo and condition!
    The good thing about cap highlighting is you can do it yourself (or with the help of another) and the color is even since it is all applied at once versus foiling where you have to be fast.

    If you dont want to cap highlight I would just buy a different color hair dye to put on top of what you have until you can get it professionally highlighted. Dark hair with highlights is beautiful!

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