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  1. um dont dye them, keep them as they are. it will look fine. i have blonde hair and dark almost black eyebrows, it looks cool. no sense in dying eyebrows, if they frame your face, they wont make you look bad, unless of course you have black hair and blonde eyebrows…that may be weird.

  2. Alright.

    Leave them how they are because if you dye them, then when they grow more you will have black rooted eyebrows which will look kind of stupid. It won’t be bad at all either if your eye brows dont match well.

  3. It depends on if you want to make it look like that is your real colour or if you dyed it. If you do want to look like its your natural colour, dye you eyebrows a slightly darker shade of red. If you don’t mind, leave them as they are. hope i helped Xx

  4. If your eyebrows are that color, then they should look fine with an auburn/red hair color. If you really have a problem with the way they look afterward, take an eyeshadow that’s a close color to your new hair, and lightly fill in your brows. OR most salons have eyebrow tinting for usually no more than $15.

  5. i definitely think natural eyebrow color is okay! but if you think of dyeing go with auburn color.

  6. You should consider that very well, if your opting for a very light shade like medium blonde or light blonde then i really think you should dyeing them too. i really hope you get it right. please post some pics after you dye them.

  7. Never dye your eyebrows. Take a q-tip and a eyebrow powder or a matte eyeshadow closer to the shade of your hair and fill them in. It’ll be a much more subtle look. It’s very easy to over-do your eyebrows.
    But blone hair and black eyebrows are a huge misstep. I used to rock that and thought it looked fine until my boss, networking partners, and my best friend finally told me it looked horrible. Ever since going auburn everyones commented on how much better I look now that my hair matches my eyebrows!

  8. personwhoknowsstuff

    don’t dye your eyebrows. they look fake. I saw people at my school with dyed eyebrows. just leave them be. they’ll make no difference :))

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