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How would I go about dying my black hair to auburn?

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So I basically have black hair right now and I’ve grown so tired of it. And the occasional “goth” remarks. I have pale skin and i’m starting to realize it is a little harsh for my skin tone. Would I have to bleach my hair twice..then dye it brown..then add an auburn tone…or?
I really like her color http://i36.tinypic.com/msochi.jpg
Any tips?

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  1. Be careful because when the color violet is in the dye you will come out with green hair. Go to Sally’s ask the clerk they will tell you the steps so you don’t fry your hair. And anytime you put bleach on your hair you fry it .

  2. This is pretty much all I can see that is going to fix this…You need to go to a beauty supply store which or somewhere like walgreens which will sale something in the haircolor section that will strip the color from your hair. (I cant think of the name of it) I have used this and it works good and will not make your hair very dry. Then dye it the color you want it. Its very hard to strip DARK DARK hair to a lighter color. Dishwashing liquid may work a little but not fully.

  3. I am a stylist and for this i would have to say you need to go to a salon take the pic. and tell them that you know it would be damaging but you want a cond. treatment after.

    If you strip your hair on your own you chance breakage. and alot of it.

  4. *bitter laugh* Ah ha. Ah ha ha ha. Be prepared to sit in the salon with mega-bleach on your head for a long time. A long, loooong time. Bring lots to do. Ugh.

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