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How to go from dark brown to Auburn/red hair?

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Okay I have very dark brown hair and I would like to get my hair to an auburn or red color that doesn’t resemble orange. Has anyone had any success with a particular brand and shade of boxed color? What recommendations do you have – should I gradually try to achieve this color? Is a salon the only way to go? I have heard someone talk about Nourishing Nutri-Browns group within the Garnier Nutrisse collection: shade B2, Reddish Brown/Roasted Coffee – anyone tried it? Any recommendations on highlighting it?

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  1. Sorry but there’s no way to achieve that color without bleach. You’ll probably only need one bleaching. then you should dye over it with your color of choice. for drugstore brands i like l’oreal excellence or there’s another one by revlon i like.. forget what it’s called.

  2. artificialsweetening

    My suggestion would be to get a Japanese at home hair coloring because they’re not too expensive and they really do work well for darker colored hairs like black and dark brown.

    A really good brand would be Palty because it really works and makes your hair soft and silky as it colors it. The cost is less than around $15 depending on where you purchase it

    Here is what the box looks like…

    And here is their color chart…

    You can get it from any asian stores, or markets around where you live like Daiei, Don Quiote, or you could try looking if where you live has a Japantown. Anywhere that sells Japanese beauty products will probably have it or somethng similar.

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