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How to get my natural hair color back?

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About 7 weeks ago i died my hair medium auburn. (This color.. http://www.cosmeticsolutions.biz/catalog/NW4051.jpg)

It’s faded to a light brown reddish color now.

I want to dye my hair back to it’s natural color, which is light brown. Is this going to be possible or will i end up with red still in my hair?

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  1. Go to the hairdressers and get it stripped!

  2. hairdressers have all the products to take the natural color of your hair back.

  3. you do know there is only one way to prove your hair is really light brown?

  4. You can go to get your hair stripped but it has to do with a lot of chemicals and will damage your hair a lot. I think the best thing to do is let it grow out because the red wont go away. I dyed my hair a weird maroon brownish color and then went to the hairstylist and they told me that if i dyed it a light ash brown that the ash would get rid of the red and it did make it lighter but it’s not completely gone so I’m just going to grow it out until i get my natural color back.

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