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How to get my hair platinum blonde?

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My hair currently is of a dark auburn colour. My natural hair colour is blonde, and i only dyed my hair for the first time a couple of weeks ago; red. Now i want platinum blonde hair, but i think i’d have to go to the hairdressers to achieve it but it would cost about 70-80 pounds. I doubt my mum will let me get it done, so what should i do?

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  1. i like choclat milk

    go here for step-by-step directions:


    go to the QUESTIONS/COMMENTS page (tab) and email them this question. They will answer immedianly!
    & give you step-by-step instrustions how to change your hair to platium blonde
    hope i helped:]

  3. Go to any beauty supply store there is around you, ask them for hair stripper that will bring you back to your natural hair color. The depending how blonde you are, you can either bleach it (i would recommend you to wait at Least 2 weeks before you bleach your hair) or you could throw the color over it. Platinum blonde is a color and people think they can bleach their hair to that point (but you cant because its a color)

    This should be really cheap and if done properly you will accomplish what your aiming for

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    I highly suggest you just don’t if you can’t go to a professional. Going from auburn to platinum blond by yourself is just no good; you’ll end up with orange hair.

    If you really must it’s going to take a whole lot of bleaching. And you’ll need a 30 or 40 developer for your bleach. You’ll likely completely destroy your hair if you do this though.

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