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How to get my hair from dyed red to a light auburn?

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I dyed my hair a dark red colour, i used a semi permanent so its faded to a much softer colour now…but i think i would like it to be a light auburn colour. I used a permamnent red colour before the semi so its not as if it will just wash out. Is there any other way to get it lighter without stripping it and stuff?

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  1. I would suggest to avoid accidents that you go to a salon and askk them to dye your hair for you to the colour that you want. They’ll be able to do it with the least amount of chemicals and damage to your hair plus ensure that the colour is even through out your hair. If going to a salon is not an option you could try volunteering to be a model at a beauty school where the trainees who are supervised at all times will be able to do it, possibly for free. Good luck

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