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How to Find the Perfect Bright Red Hair Dye for You

Choosing the most flattering, natural looking and best shade of hair color will depend on your skin tone.We have different complexions. Some have light skin tone; others have medium tone, olive skin tone, etc.

But if you’re not so sure of your skin tone, you can ask some professional to give you advice on what they think the best color for you is. They can also give you some advice on what shades will work for you or won’t work for you.

Different Shades of Red Hair Color

The strawberry blonde shade, for instance, works perfectly for pale skin tone.

For dark blondes and light brunettes we can add a little of red to boost their hair color.

For medium skin tone, auburns are the best choice as long as it will not look too dark for your skin. You have to avoid extremely bright red hair dye; a medium reddish brown will work well without looking harsh. We also have deep red and deep intense copper for medium tone.

If you have the olive skin tone you can choose from burgundies, deep-mahogany red and violet-based color that will turns you. You can also choose from deeply intense ruby and auburn brown. These hair colors are available in different brands you may choose from. But you have to be careful on choosing the right one for you, for the reason that it may lead to bad hair days.

Bright Red Hair for Fashion

Woman with long red hair and a silver topThey say that, your hair is also the mirror of your personality. How your hair will look like will tell the world who you are.

So start looking beautiful to everyone, start bracing your new look, start changing your hair style, your hair color, and start using the bright red hair color. This will make you feel sexy in and out.

You can accessorize your red short hair by putting some hairclips. If you’re wearing long red hair, just lay it down. Choose the dress color of your choice, but keep in mind that simplicity in dress will make your red hair more visible.

Wear light makeup, avoid using red lipstick, you have to remember that you already have a red hair. Just mix and match, and that will make you fashionable. Know what you really want to do, and you have to know how to do it safely.

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