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How to dye hair auburn after dying it black?

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Right now my hair has about 2inch long blond roots. Last time i tried to dye it auburn only my roots turned auburn and my black hair just stayed black. Also at this point the black dye is starting to fade into a really dark brown. Do you think the auburn would show at this point if i dye it?
Would it be easier for me to just re-dye my hair black. Then deep condition month or two and get it stripped then?

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  1. I don’t think so.

  2. no, the auburn wont show if you’ve already dyed it black. the same thing happened to me when my hair was black and i tried to dye it auburn. the color worked but it didn’t turn out as vivid as i wanted it to. you need to bleach your hair first and then dye it to the color you want. but this is very very damaging to your hair, so i would suggest waiting a month or two since you’ve just dyed it until you dye it again. or keep it blond for a little while after you bleach it, and then dye it auburn before school starts back up or something. otherwise your hair might start breaking.

  3. no, black and red are the hardest colors to color over, you’ll have to bleach your whole head and then try to dye it another color

  4. You need to strip the color out, then use the auburn.

  5. If you color your hair auburn right now, your roots will turn auburn & the black will stay black. The black color in your hair needs to be lifted w/ either bleach or color remover. You should go into a salon because you may need two different levels or shades of auburn to get everything to match up right.

  6. ^_^k a i t l y n^_^

    i dyed my hair black with a blue tent. i really didnt like it at first because it was too dark and it looked unatural. but everyone really liked it, so i got to liking it.

    but i wanted to fade it a little and regular shampoo wasnt doing the trick that fast. so i called my hair stylist and she told me to wash my hair with dish soap. wash it 5 times and after each wash, condition it.

    this got rid of a lot of the black, but was still black. so i tried dying it a really pretty brown i wanted. it turned out a light black mixed with brown. so in the sunlight, you can really see the brown and it shows a hint of red and you can still see a little bit of the blue too. its really cool!

    try the dishsoap tecnique only once because its really bad for your hair and you only need to do it once. then keep washing your hair with shampoo that isnt for color treated hair. it will eventually fade into a brown and get lighter, then you can dye it.

    black is the hardest color to get out.
    DO NOT!! stripe it or bleach it! you hair will be dead and it will take forever for it to go back to healthy…if it ever does.

    another thing you can try, is get hightlights from a professional…that will lighten up your hair.

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