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How much would dying my hair from lighter brown to auburn damage it?

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I want to dye my hair auburn because my hair is light brown on the top layer and then dark brown on the bottom naturally and it is curly. I’m just wondering if I get it dyed professionally how much would that damage my hair and should I use a temporary dye first to see how I like it? I’m mainly worried about my hair, as in how it would turn out. Thanks!

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  1. Well I have high-lights. It damaged my hair. Your hair will be dry,rough,and not shiny. Thats what mine it is right now. Once you dye your hair, go to a beauty salon and ask for a special shampoo so your hair won`t temporarily dry out.

  2. Your hair will be fine. People who cause damage to their hair from dying it are people who dye it like……every other day. If you use a regular from the store hair dye, your hair will be fine. (It comes with conditioner to treat your hair) and if you have it done professionally, it’ll will probably be healthier than it was before. Bleaching can cause some damage to hair, but dying it fine. Try a non-permanent dye first to see if you like it, they usually rinse you in 28 washes or so.

  3. My mom’s a hairdresser, and really if you dont dye/fry your hair all the time coloring it wont hurt it at all. its bleaching, and going lighter which damages your hair more…I would suggest going to a professional and having them dye it, then if you dont like the color they can tone it lighter or darker. Temporary dye and the cheap at home stuff sounds way more dangerous than getting it professionally done..believe me I’ve seen sooo many girls come into the salon because they botched up on dying their hair at home o.0
    if you have a good hair dresser, they will make sure you like your hair. talk to them, tell them what you want, what you’re worried about, they’ll take care of you ^.^
    and kadus is the BEST HAIR DYE EVER!!! Oh my god if they have kadus..I have light brown curly hair, and it makes my hair SO SOFT…you would not even believe it. It makes your hair feel really nice and healthy.

  4. My daughter went from a blonde to auburn. it looks so beautiful on her! She should have been born a red head. Anyway, she is 21 now and has been doing that since she was about 16. Her hair is very healthy, it wasn’t damaged a bit. But do go to a professional and talk to him/her about it. They would be able to tell you if your hair is healthy enough to do it… Good luck

  5. Don’t worry about damaging your hair too much, especially if you’re getting it professionally done. It will only really damage your hair if you use excessive bleach or don’t take care of it afterward. Skip the temp hair dye to see if you like it, it will put more stress on your hair if you decide to dye it after all.
    If you dye your hair, buy a shampoo and conditioner safe for color treated hair, and if it seems really dry, try using a hair mask or conditioning treatment.

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