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How long should I wait to dye my hair auburn after getting highlights?

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My naturall hair color is dark brown and a month ago I dyed It like a deeper brown color and just 2 weeks ago I got partial highlights done and I don’t really like them… I want to dye my hair like a dark aburn but idk how long I should wait… Or if it’s safer to just dye it back to brown… Plz help! Thnx

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  1. wait until your highlights grow out. don’t cover them up. but wait red brown wont show up on dark brown but it will show up on the highlights. the red will show nicely on the highlights not the dark brown. Go for it. but later, don’t ruin ur highlights until they grow out

  2. auburn will give your highlights auburn bright and to the rest of your hair it will give deep, warm, auburnish brown. it will look great. i always do the same but with brown – first i make highlights as blond as possible and after a week or 2 iput warm chocolate brown – looks great – darker brown with lighter brown highlights. and since u have got your highlights 2 weeks ago u may dye your hair right now – good luck

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