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How long does it take for your natural hair colour to grow/fade out all on it’s own?

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My hair is naturally blonde. I tried to dye it blonde again, no luck. I do not want to damage my hair any further, so my only question is, how long does it take? My current hair colour is a dark auburn/brunette, with blonde semi-roots and dark blonde roots.

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  1. It’ll take a while for your hair to grow out (months), but it varies from person to person. I’d suggest that you go to a qualified hair dresser and get them to strip the colour from your hair, and then dye it blond. It’ll cost around $100-150, but it’ll be worth it. Then you can let your hair grow in, and since your hair is already blonde, the roots will blend in. If you allow your hair to grow out now, it’ll look funny because you’ll have brown hair with blonde roots.

    If you’re on a budget you could try bleaching your hair, and then using a toner to get a blonde shade. I wouldn’t recommend this because it’s VERY easy to make a mistake and either fry your hair or get a horrible colour.

    Hope this helps!

  2. I have heard that if you use regular shampoo and conditioner it will strip the color out faster…

    my hair never did go back to the lighter blonde after i died it auburn…. and that was 16 years ago….

  3. Your hair grows approx 1/2 inch a month. If you hate it go to a professional hairstylist that is experienced in color correction and see what they can do, but it will damage your hair no matter what. You may want to try to just do some highlights to disguise the difference and just go often for more hightlights so you can become more and more blonde. If you try and bleach your hair out yourself, you are only asking for more trouble, I am a hairstylist and I make a lot of money off of home hair coloring/bleaching mishaps.
    Also, to let you know, don’t attempt to color the ends with something close to your natural color, it won’t work. A lighter hair dye cannot lighten up the dark. It needs to be stripped out either with color remover, or bleach.
    I don’t know how long you have been coloring your hair the darker color, but if it was only one time, you can try washing it with Dawn dishwashing soap or Prell shampoo. But be prepared for some pretty dry hair. It won’t take the color out but it might lighten it up a little. Hit or miss.

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