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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. What you can do is to dye it a starter color like bleach blonde, or light brown, then dye it the color you want.

  2. ah this happened to me it sucks, your going to have to bleach your hair or use the stripper a couple more times. Black is the hardest hair color to get out (dyed black). for me it happened that i had to use both the stripper and the bleach 3 times over a period f time to finally get to platinum blonde. I say use the stripper again. Getting to platinum bleach is the only way. But give your hair time to repair at least 2-3 weeks at least. there gets a point to your hair where it just stopd respodning to dye and bleach so in time with strippers and bleach it should become blonde

  3. It’s going to take several visits to your hairstylist over a period of time. Just go slow though, you don’t want irreparable damage to your hair. And I would definitely not do this at home, bleach at the salon has healthy buffers in it, and the stylist can also tone your hair so you don’t get brassy. 😛

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