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How do you dye Dark Auburn hair Dark Golden Brown?

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Okay, I Have Naturally Dark Golden Brown hair. I’ve dyed it different colors in the past, The most recent being a Dark Auburn, but now I want to dye it back to my natural color without it having a red tint or still looking Auburn. And I was wondering if I can just Dye it back or do I have to do something else to it first To get the red tint out?
Thanks! =)

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    Go to a professional hair salon and get it done the right way.

  2. You might have to go to a hairdresser and talk to them about it.
    If you go to the hairdressers they might not dye all your hair, they’ll probably just dye the red tinged bits a golden brown to get your natural colour.

    A hairdresser will really help.

  3. you should go to a professional hair dressers, they will have a clolour chart of different types of brown then you choose the colour you want to go, and then it should go to the right colour you want (:

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