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how do you color your hair with henna (najo brand) bright auburn red, i have black color hair.?

how do i color my hair with henna like a bright auburn color,
i have black color hair???????

i used hena for my hair, all it does is give it a red tint that only is visible in the sunlight.
other than that my hair is still black color.

i want to drastically change my hair color using henna but i dont want a tint.

i want it to be like a auburn color.

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  1. It won’t really work if your hair is black

  2. To lighten black colored hair, you’re going to need peroxide — henna will not be enough. Best to get it done at a salon.

  3. That might not work out, you would have to bleach it and put a auburn ish shade over it and that would not look right, instead of geting auburn, how about putting redish brown highlights in instead.

  4. if your hair is black, henna is not going to lighten it, because henna is a “deposit only” dye.

    if you want your hair lighter, and it is naturally black, you will have to use a permanent color with 30 volume peroxide. (30 vol. will lift your hair color and deposit the dye)

    if your hair is dyed black, you will have to bleach, then dye your hair using 10 vol. peroxide. (color does not lift color) (10 vol. will only deposit the color) (after bleaching you can use henna also as it is deposit only)

  5. It’s incredibly hard to do anything with very dark hair, your best bet is definitely a salon, at least the first time for a more drastic change.

    Henna won’t work. The result you are getting is the best you will ever get. It doesn’t matter on the brand, henna is a plant and therefore natural. You may find one that uses henna as well as other ingredients, but then it won’t be natural.

    I used to work for Goldwells Hair Academy in West London and was told that dark is certainly one of the hardest hair types to colour by far (grey is the other as it does not take colour very well). To go lighter you *have* to bleach it first, and this is damaging over time, especially with a different colour added on top!

    To be honest I gave up with trying to do anything too mad with mine, I prefer to go for colours made for dark hair.

    In the summer I go for a blue black tint, I’m too light skinned in the winter for a blue tint and I look dead, but in the summer I go a lovely dark colour and it looks fab. Almost like a raven or a peacocks feathers, just catching the summer light.

    In the winter I go for one with a reddish or auburn tint to the black. This works well with my then lighter skin and the paler sunlight.

    My hair has a lot of platinum (we don’t “do” grey in our family 😉 hehehe) and I’m considering letting it all grow through to the ends as it is a very fine thread throughout what is otherwise nearly jet black, and is quite funky and interesting. Besides, I’m only 29 and look much younger, so I can get away with it for now without looking like a granny yet lol.

    If you desperately want to try something new, and let’s face it, we all do sometimes, then please have it done at a salon and ask for tips for doing it at home next time. If you feel bad about asking then hint that you will “of course” be back the time after that to let them do it properly again 😉

    But don’t continue for too long with lightening it. Allow yourself some henna breaks in between!

    By the way, you can buy shampoo and conditioner with henna extract added for dark hair, and that will prolong the effect of the henna you are using to dye it.

    Oh, and just to warn you, I tried doing mine at home once, after two pre-lighteners and a bleach I still only achieved a colour similar to a nicely ripe satsuma… Needless to say the other half was sent immediately to the shops to buy a black dye…

  6. (Beautiful Disaster)

    u have to use real dye. henna only give’s u highlights. btw, does it look good in the sun?

  7. i think the best thing to do first is bleach your hair.

  8. My age is 25 with a long hair ……but my problem is more then half of my hair become grey , i used to apply hina from the last 10 years………. it gives me a redish color sometime peopele misunderstand and thought that iam applying color ,,, iam very satisfied to applying Heena but now i want to change my color ,wants to become some darker shade ……earlier my hair was very heavy and puffy but now it fallsalso 🙁
    Someone(beauty parlor) suggest me stop to applying hina and use colors……
    But i heard color is also dangerous for health is there any way that iam still continue to using heena but with some diffrent color or can say some dark(black )color?
    And also i want to use straightning on my hair but a parlour guy (loreal) asked me to stop applying heena and start coloring then only you can applying stratening..
    So my question is there is no product available in the market yet for straetning which is applied on heena?????
    Please Suggest

  9. Hi Zeba,
    If you want to straighten your hair and color you can use a relaxer on it. I do it all of the time, and it doesn’t damage my hair or health. But I’m gonna warn you that if you do you have to condition, condition, and condition. Especially, if you want chemically-treated hair, and if you really want it straightened the best straightening or relaxing product out there on the market I used is Gentle Treatment. It is the most gentle relaxer for your hair! Especially, for color-treated hair. Most relaxers have different kinds of strengths. They all have, Regular, Mild, and Super. The most gentle to use for color-treated hair is Regular. That’s the one I use, and the best gentle hair coloring product I use on my hair is anything by Clairol. It is called Nice N’ Easy. Anything from Clairol does not damage my hair or cause any breakage at all but remember when you have both relaxed and color-treated hair you have to relax or straighten your hair first, and then wait 7 days, then you color. You get better results that way. I hope this really helps you.

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