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How do I tell if Auburn hair will look alright on me?

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I can never tell if I am “cool” or “warm”
I dont look better in certain colors
Gold and Silver look pretty equal.
I go to make-up counters and they can never tell either….
So go figure.
I do know this – when I go out in the sun I dont get darker, by the end of the summer I only get slightly yellow.

Anyhow, I’m pale, with naturally medium brown hair that when I was younger faded to red in the sun (now that I’m older it just gets lighter brown)

You guys have input, or should I just do it. I have the feeling I’m over-thinking this.

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  1. The best way is to actually see it. There are a couple sites, if you do a google search for online makeover. Some you have to pay for. The one below is free. Click on “click here to get started with the makeover tool”. Create free account. Upload a picture of yourself from a digital camera. Take one with your hair (and bangs) pulled back. Then follow the steps and you can try on any hairstyle or colour (as well as makeup). I think it’s great.

  2. find one of those websites where u can put a pic of urself on there and see what different hair styles and colors look like on u ( =

  3. Take a current pic and photoshop your hair with different colors. Or go to a reputable salon. They should be able to give you some good advise on how to look your best.

    What colors do you feel good in? Personally, I look like crap in orange and yellow. So mine is easy, I’m a cool. Have you been to more upscale makeup counter? They are normally more knowledgeable.

  4. You can always play it safe and go with the shade of red that your hair was in the past. This way you know it will look good…but if you are determined for a certain shade try one of those hair colors that wash out after so many washes so you can try it out.

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