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How do i make my Auburn coloured hair go brown?

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I have always had Auburn coloured hair, But i really want to turn it brown. I dont want to dye it as i am scared it will go wrong but i wondered if there is like a shampoo that i cud use that grdually turns it brown.

here is the colour of my hair now. (modeled by ashlee simpson)

ans this is the colour i want it

so basically, i wanna get rid of my auburn highlights! is this possible??
help me please, gimme all the info u hav 😀

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  1. Auburn is a very stubborn colour to remove. You need it done in a salon. It will be a long process as you have to first bleach the auburn out them apply the brown dye. this can be damaging. I’d suggest staying auburn. An alterative could be putting coffee in your hair when you wash it. I think it has staining properties

  2. Since you are worried about doing it yourself AND this is the first time I would go to the salon and have someone do it.

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