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How do I lighten my copper/auburn (coloured) hair to dark blonde?

Hi, my hair is coloured and is currently a mix of level 5 and 6 auburn/copper. I coloured it about one month ago but don’t like the red/copper colour on me and would like to change it to a dark blonde. How can I get to dark blonde from where I am now (and eliminate as many of the orange tones as possible)?

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  1. You will have to do heavy foils then probably use a blue colored toner to eliminate any gold or orange tones. But PLEASE go to a professional, do not try to do this at home if you are not professionally trained. It is not as easy as slapping crap on your head. The bleach in the highlights should bring it up some, however the toner that needs to be put on after varies from person to person. Also, depending on the stylist, they may choose to use a color remover instead of bleaching and toning. Keep in mind though, that the exact color you are hoping for may not be attainable. Red tones are very hard to get out of hair, especially if it dyed (as opposed to natural).

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