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How do i fix orange highlights in auburn hair at home?

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I dyed my hair to a light to medium brown but my roots are still auburn, then i put highlights in my hair and they turned bright orange-yellow. How can i fix my hair at home? Will it turn out ok if i go put a brown hair dye on it? What shade? The top of my hair is auburn with orange highlights and the bottom of my hair is brownish with no red. Help!!

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  1. NO do not dye it brown…it will not turn out that color. I recommend trying to find a toner. Sally’s beauty supply sells it. If not then i would go have it prof. done.

  2. cover the orange highlights with black high lights

  3. u got to go get it professionally done and take your wallet because fixing what u can’t cost bucks sorry!!!

  4. that is how my hair gets. You need a toner.

  5. karen wonderful

    Maybe, you should go to a professional to repair the damage.

  6. haircuttinheather

    ok advise from a pro- if you can go to a professional to fix it! I understand $ may be tight so here’s some advice. Go to Sally’s and find out what level or darkness of the color. Once you find the level (ask for help) you need to get and ash. It’s green based and will nutralize the red. Watch it very carefully and only put it on the top where the orange is. Your gonna need help so you don’t get any of the ash on the bottom. It’ll probably take around 10 mins. Once the color is pretty close to the bottom color, wash it and condition. Then take a natural shade of brown and color it. Try to find a level 4 to a level 7. Leave that on for 15 mins and rinse. Don’t put any highlights back on or you’ll be back in the same boat. You will have to call a pro! But if it’s an emergency and you can’t leave the house this should help. Any questions feel free to e-mail me

    • Hi i was wondering if you could help me. I had dyed medium brown hair. My natural color is a dark blonde. About 1 inch of regrowth was my natural color. The ends of my hair were faded to a dark blonde/ light brown and the top parts were medium brown. I highlighted my hair at home and some of the highlights turned reddish. Is there anyway i can fix this without dying my hair again? Also, im a college student so i do not have the money to get this professionally fixed. Thanks

  7. MIne does the same thing. So Silver shampoo will correct the problem without coloring it, it will take the orange out of it

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