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How do I dye my black hair to an exact medium auburn color?

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I have Asian black hair, and I dyed it already once with auburn, but it won’t show as much.
& I need to know a way so that the auburn shows up as medium auburn, or a little lighter. I have a light-medium brown skin, and I really want this.
I used claiorol temporary hair dye.
And without bleaching it.
I’m going to use temporary.

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  1. For 4 days (every day), use 1 part blond hair dying shampoo and 1 part Herbal Essences Featherweight Shampoo( it is really good for your hair), and then if your hair has lightened any, try dying it again. if not, keep repeating the shampoo method until it gets light enough to dye.

  2. I was in your place like 4 months ago!
    im suure you can see it in the sunn
    but wait about a month after you dyed it the first time
    (Make suure you wash your hair everrryyday to bring out the color)
    Okay now red dye it again using a light auburn color wait about a week and the color in your hair will start showing i can garentee it!

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