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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. you can use lemon juice, it would lighten the color of your hair 🙂

  2. sun-in! provided to you by your local wallmart 🙂

    try it on a piece of hair first though, it might turn your hair orange

  3. There is one way I happen to know…
    It wont give you your blonde streaks but it will noticeably lighten your hair colour.

    It requires waiting for a sunny day when the rays are active, get some lemon juice and get your hair wet with it. Not to the point your hair is dripping, but until you feel there is enough moisture.
    Go out in the sun and while youre out getting a tan, or just walking around, the lemon will be making your hair colour lighter.

    Dont expect results right away, do it a couple times before you notice something.
    And the more often you do it, the lighter your hair will get

  4. Lemon juice and sun-in are actually more damaging than lightener [ bleach ] on your hair. They are super acidic and break down your hairs cuticle.

  5. Use lemon juice and mayo, the mayo will stop your red from turning orange. Sun-in for red hair is another.

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