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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. Your shampoo is too harsh. Or your hair is too porous. Or the color itself that was put on your hair was crappy. If you have over processed hair it won’t hold color well. Try shampoos made for color treated hair, and I don’t recommend store brands, their Ph is usually too high.

  2. i use to have that color -i loved it- but anyway there is this special shampoo (and not dove or whatever) go to jcp salon they have it i know it has a tint in the shampoo and conditioner that helps keep is red it almost like a dying your hair again everyday -point is its great- but down side is its a lil more expensive then reg. shampoo

  3. Buy BOTH the john frieda color glaze *the entire shampoo, conditioner and color glaze system works wonderfully* and the clairol color glaze for all shades of auburn/red hair. Red hair fades incredibly fast, so using glazes with mild and natural dyes to enhance the color. If it’s fading out that badly, you could try what i do when my red starts fading uncontrollably:

    -1/2 cup of john frieda color glaze for the shade family of auburn you have
    -1-2 bottles of clairol auburn color glaze
    -2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar

    Combine everything in a bowl. Add in more glaze as necessary, adding more vinegar adds more highlights. Apply it graciously to your hair so it’s almost dripping, the same way it is after being a little bit towel dried.
    Put a shower cap on, and leave it on while you sleep. Depending on how much redder you want, you can leave the mixture on for up to 72 hours,but keep it on for at least 14 hours. *Every time I do it, it makes my hair look salon dyed, shin, healthy, soft, silky, smooth and so red. Plus it stays in for a really long time!*

    Also, if it still isn’t red enough, use natural match in the auburn shade that matches the overall brown of your hair. It’s ammonia and peroxide free, so its essentially semi permanent that leaves your hair gorgeous and red again.

    If your hair is dark enough, *I.E medium or dark brown* you can give off the appearance of unnatural but gorgeous wine red highlights and give your hair a great shine and smell *if you use punky colors, the easiest brand to find* with a shade of dark pink/magenta, orange, bright red or wine red.

    Good luck!

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