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How can i get my hair from dark black to a dark auburn color?

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I don’t have enough money to go to a salon so that’s not an option. I really want to make over my hair before school starts and i think this color [[along with a great haircut]] is perfect. I heard Clairol’s Perfect 10 is good.
If anybody has any advice please help!!!!


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  1. i will have to say go buy a temp. dying or a real dye at a store or a dying shampoo loreal.

  2. If you colored your hair dark black you are out of luck unless you want to totally bleach your hair then try to color it. Frankly I would not recommend that at all. I suggest you just get your hair cut the style you want and wait for the black to fade enough to color over. Good luck!

  3. If you haven’t dyed your hair before then you can get away with buying regular dye; you can’t color over color, if you know what I mean. But if you already have color in your hair you should buy color remover and just don’t leave it in for as much time as it says (so it won’t be as damaging and since you don’t want to go too light) and then just dye your hair.
    But if it’s natural, you probably should buy a shade or two lighter than what you want because your hair is really dark and if the dye is too light it won’t show up (but if it does it’ll just be black with this really awesome looking red tint to it! My aunt did that and it looked SO COOL! But it’s a risk, depending on how red the auburn is. Anyway…). Just remember that if your hair is longer than shoulder length you might want to buy two boxes since one box might not be enough for your hair. I hope this helps, and good luck!!

  4. it does depend on if your hair is naturally dark black or if you dyed it that way..
    if you dyed it, i would agree that you wait for the color to fade.
    however, if its naturally dark, and your hairs healthy..i say go for it and dye it..if you do..just remember to keep mosturizing it all the time..but not so much that you clog your scalp..
    hope that helped

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