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how can i fade out the rest of my auburn hair dye?

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i dyed it “medium auburn” around september i believe..and regretted it ever since.
in november i tried dying it a brown color, not permanent, which eventually faded into brown on the ends, but my bangs are auburn/orange/ red
im wanting to get highlights once all that color has faded, but im just wondering what else i can do to make the color fade faster?

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  1. invest in some color-oops. that stuff does wonders and won’t kill/fry your hair, either.

  2. Color oops is good, but it takes out all the pigment in your hair, leaving it a yellow/orange color, so you need to dye on top of it right away.

    However to get rid of unwanted pigment in the hair, you should try washing it with dish soap.
    yes dish soap ! It’s not bad for your hair but it’s bad for dye and usually will get it out after a few washes.

    Hope this helps, chose me for beset answer please.

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