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How can I dye my dark brown hair auburn?

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I have medium to dark brown hair and I would really love to dye it an auburn (like a light auburn, not dark), and was wondering how I could do this. Since the color is lighter than my natural color, do I have to bleach it first, or are there products that would go over my brown hair? I have never dyed my hair before, so it’s not damaged or anything (other than the straighting with a flat iron that I do). Anything would help! Thanks!
Ok, so everyone is pretty much sure that I can just put the dye over my natural hair and it will show up?

Here is my hair color: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/kitty1256/June17014.jpg

And the color I want to go to:


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  1. Personally, I would tell you to bleach it first but bleaching fries ur hair. Go to a salon. I know it may be expensive depending on where you go, but at least it’ll be done right the first time. YOu dont want to come out with green hair or what ever.

  2. It depends on your weight. By the way not all men lie about their size

  3. miss_princess_cooper

    i wouldn’t dye it itself as it is Ur first time get someone that has done it before or go to the hairdressers..i know its really expensive and stuff but look around find out prices…and don’t buy the dyes from Cole’s or Woolworth’s i don’t know if u have them wherever u live…go to like price attack..and another thing ask at hair salon Wat can u do to change Ur hair colour to this auburn colour most hairdressers will tell u the truth even thou Ur not going to there salon to get it done but hey look around but believe me don’t do it yourself get someone to help u

  4. latina_chica_wpg

    I am a hairstylist and if your color is a natural brown you can go lighter with whatever shade of auburn you want. but if you have color your hair before you will not be able to go lighter. Color will not lift color. For best results I would suggest going to a professional so that you really end up with th best results. I am not saying that just because i am a hairstylist myself, I just know that usually when people do colors at home they end up at the salon trying to fix them and spend a lot of money on color corrections.

  5. I got great results with herbal essences hair color…. Its like 9.99 and looks salon quality. Since your hair is brown the roots wont show for a while. Then like 3 months later touch up the roots. Works great. Make sure to condition your hair with something good like Nexxus conditioner for color treated hair. You will also have to use a shampoo for red hair so your color will look its absolute best… go to a beauty supply store for that, they will help you. good Luck

  6. scottsdale sweetie

    use a lighter color brown or even an auburn shade-that would put some red in your hair.
    you don’t bleach unless you are going blonde

  7. if the difference in tone is really big, you’ll probably have to bleach it first…but i’m not too sure. if you are sure that you want to dye it either way, then you could just make an appointment and ask a hair professional. they would know.

  8. I checked out the color that you wanted to be. It is very pretty, by the way. If you read further down on the info for the color, it says to stay 1-2 shades of your natural color. With you being dark brown, there is no way you can get that color from a box. If that is really the color you want, I’d highly recommend that you go to a salon and see a professional colorist. They’ll have the expertise to get you where you want to be! If you attempt it yourself and don’t get it right, then you’ll be going to a colorist for a correction service and those get really pricey!!

    Hope this helps!

  9. My hair is naturally dark brown. I use golden blonde dye to get auburn. It works like a charm. No bleaching or expensive salon visits needed. Stay away from ash blonde though, it mutes the red tone.

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