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how can i colour her hair blonde?

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My sister has naturally auburn hair colour and i put a full head of bleach foils in it, shes decided she wants to go blonde all over coz she doesn’t like the roots showing through all the time and decided she wanted to have a full head tint instead of highlights. She picked a colour and i did a test strand on her hair which showed her natural hair colour and the blond which she has already got on it and left it to develop, it turned out ok but she said she wants it brighter, i used the 901 ultra light ash blonde ion colour, is there another colour in this range which you think will make it go lighter without it looking too white? Or is bleach my only option?
If bleach is my only option would i be able to use it on the scalp and do a full head tint that way or not? Any other ideas what colouring techniques i could use to help her have a full head colour where its bright?

i am a hairdresser so i dont know alot about home colour kits as ive only really worked with matrix and the ion colour range
Thanks in advance x

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  1. dont do it yourself, it will come out a different color. To get the color you want, go to a professional stylist

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