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Highlighting my auburn colored hair at home, tips?

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I recently dyed my hair auburn and now I want blonde highlights. The lady at Sally’s recommended Beyond the Zone Bleachin kit. It comes with the cap but my sister said it looks better with foil. I’ve already bought it. I cant go to a pro because I have a new baby and no sitter. Any tips or advice on doing this at home myself withouth causing a disaster?

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  1. my first tip would be dont, but since you say thats not an option i woul dsay the easist way would to do it yourself wuold be to use the cap, foils may look a little better but fro one thats not something you are goging to be able to do yourself and second it depends on the application because foils can look very streaky if not placed correctly as where a cap ensures an even yet streak free appearance. good luck!

  2. highlights are dangerous to do yourself. ask your sister if she could babysit for a few hours.

  3. dont do one with a cap. I have dark red/copper colored hair and have made mine green in years past. Now I just try to stay close to my natural color when I do touchups for gray
    so I use Natural Instincts ” warm copper brown” this is a SEMI permanent color and washes out slowly in 28 shampoos. Then to break up the all over same color I use a highlighter for dark brown hair that adds light red highlights
    and I dont use a cap, thats so old school, the one I use has a tiny brush that you add streaks where you want them and only there.

  4. okcountrygirl_07

    Don’t do it at all! You should wait until you have the time and money to have it done. Nothing is worht risking it!
    It will cost you more if you need to have a color corrections and it will most likely fry your hair or cause breakage.

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