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Henna Hair Dye

The Many Benefits Of Henna Hair Dye

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Perhaps you are wondering what henna hair dye is.

This product is a coloring agent that is made from a small plant or shrub. It has a long history of use for dying things like skin and fingernails. Here are some its benefits, that you may wish to consider.

Organic Hair Dye

This material is natural and organic. It is created by drying the leaves of the plant and grinding them up into powder. This powder is mixed with an acid based liquid to make the coloring. This creates a safe and effective product for changing the color of one’s hairstyle.

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Henna Hair Dye

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Less Irritation

Many modern dying products can cause irritations to the scalp. This is due to the many different ingredients in the products. There are no harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in natural products. Even if you use an organic product, be sure that you test a small area first.

Many kinds of dying products can be very bad for those with lung problems. In fact, it may hurt some people to be in the same house with the chemicals. An all natural product will be much safer for those with conditions like asthma.

Is Henna Hair Dye For You?

This product will not make you blond or brunette. In fact, the only color that it creates is an orange shade of red. If you buy products that claim to make you blond, they have other ingredients in them. Make sure that you carefully read the instructions and the ingredient label, before you buy.


If you wish to become brunette or blond, henna hair dye may not be the best choice. All natural henna will make you a redhead. However, the product is natural and may not cause irritations like other chemical based products. This can make is better for sensitive people and those with breathing problems. Before you use any product, always test a small area first. Read all of the ingredients, to be sure that it is completely safe and natural.

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  1. Is there other color aside from orange that henna hair dye can produce?

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