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Help! What Hair Colour would help my horrible red complection??

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Hi I Have a really red skin tone and i done think my auburn hair helps what colour do you think would help and not show up my skin tone so much? …x
I was thinking of maybe having some golden blonde highlights to soften my complecton do you think this would help??
If you have any suggestions or any links to sites that may help, please let me know. thanks x

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  1. If your skin is a reddish pale then a dark ash blonde would look really good. And it would make your skin look better.

  2. “Red, ruddy skin tone
    When Abigail walked into the salon, two things stood out: her bleached blonde hair, and her ruddy skin tone. The platinum hair over-accentuated the rosy cheeks and looked artificial. Klein decided to weave a slew of deeper colors like honey and caramel throughout Abigail’s hair and to add a few bright blonde highlights for pops of color.

    The result: Abigail’s new hair color dramatically cools down her skin tone and, though she’s still a light blonde, it’s a far more natural color than before.

    General tips for red, ruddy skin tones

    -Avoid bright red tones, and don’t over-bleach
    – Cool ruddiness with beige, honey brown, golden or light coffee colors “

  3. Chic d'héroïne

    Probably dark brown.

  4. dirty dark blonde….no reds or browns, go light..
    hope i’ve helped.

  5. Black hair can make skin look paler, I had blonde hair with a normal complection, now I look like a dead person and I love it.

  6. Hollywood Whore Boulevard Kitten

    Warm Browns and coffe,honey,mocha colours……dont choose blonde or black though…..

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