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Has anyone noticed the different hair color changes in the actresses?

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seems everyone is High lightening i noticed Carlys the other day its more Blonde and it looks good/Kate has some highlights or frosting it looked good today but she wears the ugliest clothes Olivia is Beautiful she alays looks good and Elizebeths hair looks like a reddish Auburn color these ladies are pretty.

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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. Honestly I have noticed more hair color changes in the men lately on a couple of my soaps – Bold and The Beautiful and As The World Turns. Seems they have a lot of them with reddish brown lights in their hair now. It is done well and looks pretty natural though. I thought Margo’s color looked really good today as well on ATWT. Carly’s hair is lighter and she always looks so pretty.

  2. Yep seems they have all been getting mini makeovers! Loving the new looks!

  3. Seems like these things go in waves and they all get their hair colored about the same time (like the times the blondes go brunette)

  4. Well Spring is here and so is the switch to HD! I guess all the ladies want to look good. I will say the ladies always look great on GH! They have great make up, hair, and wardrobe departments.

  5. I notice on Y&R that Victoria’s hair looks brushed..

  6. I kow GiGi did that on OLTL

  7. I have notice Mac even has a new hair style longer hair

  8. I noticed on the Young and the Restless they made Mac’s hair longer maybe to make her look younger it looks good the One that has the best hair is Heather she has gorgeous hair to kill for!

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