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Woman with silver hair mixed with bright mesh

Hardest Color to Achieve but Fashionable One… Silver Hair Dye

Woman with silver hair mixed with bright meshThey say that silver and white are the hardest color dye to achieve, but are very fashionable ones, and never goes out of trend.

To get a perfect silver/white hair, you have to consider first the hair color you currently have. Is it dark, light, medium color, etc.?

To have a good result, there are two ways to consider, the first is bleaching, second is toning. But you have to be more careful when applying them. Because if you do it the wrong way, you may get the bad result you even can’t imagine.

Effect of Toning Your Hair

Toning your hair takes away the existing hair dye it has, turning your hair to its natural color. Toners will terminate the yellowness of your hair. Most of white toner was purple. Because they have the very feeble color, and will not result to a violet hair look. If you will notice there are some old women whose hair is violet and purple. We thought they were cool, but the saddest part of it, maybe the hairdresser got the wrong mix when they’re toning the hair of their customer.

You can also try the silver toners, but they are blue based unlike to white toner, they are violet based. If you apply perfectly the toner you will get the best result you’ll never regret in the end. There are lots of white and silver toners around. Some are made through liquid form but be aware because oftentimes they came up as a setting lotion too. You have to choose the easiest way of applying. Follow the instructions more carefully. Keeping your hair toned, make sure that your hair is always newly washed and re-toned at least once a week. When you’re conditioning your hair try to add some dye to your conditioners, like violet dye for white hair and blue dye for silver hair.

Keeping Your Hair Healthy Looking

Too much hair treatments will result to dryness and dullness. Admit it, keeping your hair healthy looking is the most difficult thing to do. Try some natural way of treating your hair. For example, using coconut oil will help you back the glossy hair appearance. Re-conditioning your hair will help you back the bouncy looking hair too.

Here are some things to consider for taking care of your hair, the shampoo you’re using, conditioners, and also the hair brush you are using. Try to use a soft-haired brush too. Keep away your hair from too much heat. Above all, following product instructions will help you a lot.

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