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Hair Coloring Ideas

Hair Coloring Ideas For Those Who Wish To Change Their Looks

Are you looking to change your look because you are tired of the same old you?

Well, one of the most dramatic and fastest ways to change your look would be by coloring your hair. When you color those locks, you are also giving yourself an excuse to go shopping for new clothes. This is because what is suited for a blonde would look bad on a brunette.

There are two different types of hair colors: semi-permanent and permanent and there are variations of each. Below, we are going to give you some hair coloring ideas.

hair coloring ideas
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Permanent tings – To lift the color of your locks, this must be mixed in with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide will open up the cuticles and will allow the tins to get deep into the cortex and form the color. The more peroxide you use, the quicker and lighter the result is going to be.

Semi-Permanent Colors – These do not lift the color, but you will be able to go darker or chance the tone without the natural highlights. With this, you will be able to wash your hair up to twenty washes.

EMO – If you are into EMO, then you may want to go full out and get the EMO styles that are popular today.

You can dye your hair jet black and add some colors such as green, pink, blue, red and purple in it. In the past, we dyed out hair platinum blonde and added red underneath with pink bangs. For many, this EMO style would not work out and that is when other styles come in handy.

Red Hair – Red hairs seem to get all of the attention today. If you are thinking about dying your locks red, then it is important to know which shade. There are many different shades of red. You have dark red, cherry, strawberry and many more. If you have black hair, then you will need to lighten your hair first, before the red will show up.

Blonde – Would you like to hair a pretty blonde mane? If so, then you could add a twist to it by adding some highlights to it. Nearly every color goes with blonde. You have black, red, pink, purple and even other shades of blonde. If you are naturally a brunette, then it may take some time to get your mane to blonde. The change will also be drastic, so make sure you are ready.

Auburn Hair Color – Auburn color is in the trend. I have colored my hair with auburn color. Lots of my friends are doing the same. My husband told me he likes this color.

We have many hair coloring ideas in our mind as we have personally experimented with our own hair. It seems we have a new color every month.

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  1. my hair is purple color , now i want make auburn color , pls can you help me what color i must use .

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